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SS Shotgun Ride?!??! :-)
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Originally Posted by a6pk2go View Post
They are going to have four Camaro's at the Dallas show and probably at least one you can sit in IMHO. I'm hoping for a 2LT RS IOM but they will probably be Blue, Silver, Red and another color because this is Cowboy country and Ranger country. The Fbodfather won't give any specifics due to the amount of shows across the country and all the things that go into putting on these shows. He is a very busy man.

BUT FOUR CAMARO'S are going to be in Dallas this Feb.

Edit: Thanks for posting the pics!!!

Four Camaros at once!?!??!? I might just drop over dead right there and then.

Holy crap. I need to get me some good cameras.

Anyone know where I can rent some pro-level gear?

I'll do my best to get as many detail shots as possible. I hope the show staff are patient with me (and accomodating).

Exciting news!! Thanks, a6pk2go!
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