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Speaker Install

I had a fun day. I installed some new 6x9 speakers. I used the new 6x9 adapters from http://********.com/Chevrolet-GMC-Su...ers-clone.html

Remove the rocker panel.

Remove the back seat. Start with the bottom part. You will need to pull up on the front part of the seat and then pull forward.

To remove the seatback you will fold the seat down and then look at the hinge you will see what I saw in the second photo. You will need two people to do this because it has to be done at the same time on both sides. Just push the silver piece back and lift the seatback up and out.

Now it is time to remove the lower interior trim piece. I started at the bottom front and worked my way to the back.

Next remove the back window trim. When you pull this off be careful their is a black clip that needs to be removed after you get this off. I think it is part of the airbag system.

Now remove side window trim. You will need a 7mm socket and T50 torx bit. There are two screws. One is hidden under the "Airbag" piece above the seatbelt for the front seat and the other is by the back window. You will need the T50 torx to remove the front seatbelt. After you have all of the screws removed just pull on the piece and it will pop out.

Now the real fun beggins. The rear speaker deck. There are four push tabs on the front part that need to be removed. Once you have them removed get under the speaker deck in the trunk and you will see four push pins that need to pushed up.

Here is the underside, You can see the four blue push pins. This is what is holding this piece in place. I worked my hand between the deck trim and the sheetmetal and pushed up on the deck trim and they came out.

At this point the rear deck trim still did not want to come out. If you look at the photo (below). You can see three of the four tabs that hold this in place. I just had to pull hard to get this to come out.

Here is what it looked like after everything is out

You can see the factory speaker now. If you notice there is a big foam piece right next to each speaker. I'm not sure what this is for, but I think it helps to put pressure on the speaker deck. I would say do not remove this.

Installed Dynamat.

I installed the new speaker to the ******** adapter. New and old.

Here is the speaker installed.

Just put everything back in the reverse order and your done. It took a few hours to do this, but it was worth it. The sound system sounded so much better. Next step will be amps and sub.

I hope this helps others who are thinking about doing this. I did shoot some video of this, so I will edit it and upload it later.
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