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Originally Posted by CAMROSS View Post
Thanks Demon Hunter, the build was carefully planned out prior to starting any work on the car. We'll stick with 7 lbs. boost for this season as the supplied ZR-1 injectors that come with the Maggie are running near maximum duty cycle and I suspect we'd be close to the max on what the stock fuel pump can put out as well. Fuel system upgrades will be addressed next winter when we stroke and forge the bottom end and increase the boost on the TVS2300. I'm not looking to explore the limits of the bottom end and pushing past 7 lbs. right now creates a whole new set of needs that exceeds this years budget.

Secondly, their shop is impressive and with the amount of shops you guys have in SoCal maybe you could leave us just one decent one up her in the frozen barrens of Western Canada. So lay off eh!.......

Haha... Alright you guys can have the one... LOL. Very smart build though, LOve your Car, something about the color combination with that two tone paint job you got gets me all hot and bothered... Love the way the red pin stripe makes the rest of the red on the car pop. Love the blacked out rear panel also.
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