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Originally Posted by WhiteKnight10 View Post
I can see around 590hp in the z28... Can't have as much or more than the ZR1 but its gotta have more than the CTS-V
Why...that doesn't make any sense at all...You seriously think GM is going to sell a Camaro for around $50K that has 590 HP, compared to a CTS-V for around $63K that only has 556 HP...come on, man.

Another thing, the fricking CTS-V Coupe already beats the GT500 in straightline acceleration tests and has faster lap times around certain tracks (see Road & Track this month). If the Caddy can do that with 4238 lbs, then the Camaro Z/28 (with great tires, improved suspension, etc.) ought to be able to do that with its relatively svelt sub 4000 lbs.

P.S. I know it's not only about HP, but even though the CTS-V commands a higher price tag because of its luxury amenities (and VASTLY superior interior), people will not really be happy to pay $13K more for a slower car. Cadillac is GM's halo brand, and there needs to be a multitude of reasons to entice people to spend tens of thousands of dollars more for a Cadillac, over a similar Chevrolet (having the Caddy be the clear loser in the performance dept. is most definitely not the way to do that).

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