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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Except I see the hp higher, and the price lower.....At 53k you're well-withing optioned-Corvette territory...

That's not quite accurate anymore, especially not with the twin-screw/hybrid roots superchargers companies are selling. Most come with a bypass valve nearly 'detaching' the unit from the engine. You'd use up more hp by turning on your lights at idle. I know at least Magnuson (who uses the same TVS rotors as GM) claims their units pull less than 1/3 hp from idle to part-throttle 2000 rpms.

And they keep boosting to redline, just like turbos. But Turbochargers, just by their nature will almost always produce more torque pound for pound of pressure compared to superchargers.
I also see superchargers with advanced cooling configurations to combat heat soak for road duty, or at least making an effort to do so. Dual brick intercoolers and a heat extracting hood really help, especially at moderate to high speeds.

I guess the best way to duplicate the Turbo's emissions and MPG is to engineer an S/C to do exactly what you explained above. Just as long as it doesn't affect the beautiful HP/TQ low end curve, that is something a Turbo cannot duplicate from the S/C.

They could take a page from the diesel's book and Twin Charge an engine (Super and Twin Turbo) but say good bye to your fuel mileage. Performance wise, it is very effective... but without diesel, gasoline won't see any advantages other than high output and a nearly flat curve.

Maybe bypass the Supercharger at a higher RPM when the Turbos are in full spool. Using the Supercharger to spool the Turbos, eliminating any lag the Turbos have and relieving the S/C at higher RPM for cooling... but who would attempt to engineer that monster... With 8:1 compression pistons, an extra 200+ lbs, two separate heat exchangers and a whine and hiss... might not be worth it but it would be neat to see on a gas engine.

either way, good info on the S/C bypass... something I can look into tonight.
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