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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
... I decided that some cosmetic mods were first in line. I saw a thread somewhere where someone had cut out the top of the engine cover and put in screen material. I liked it... and thought, I can do that... so. I mapped out the cuts, several times to make sure that I had them even, and then broke out the dremel. It took several tries to determine the best blade to use, but I got there. I cut it all out, short of the lines, and then used a hand file to close in on the lines. Off to hme depot for some screen material, and walahhhh, I had a custom engine cover... hmmm, don't care much for the color... so, off to AutoZone for some paint...

This created a problem, but not much of one. Home Depot carried a line of paints known as duplicolor.... but they didn't have anything to duplicolor RJT... so.. time for the scientific method of paint color selection... don't try this at home....


That engine cover mod turned out sweet! Great job!!!
Thanks, it was a learning process, and I've refined it quite a bit since then... Wait until you see Tags' cover... few eyes have fallen upon that one yet... Should have it painted in the next couple of days... Depending on when I get back from the shop tomorrow, I may try to finish the last bit of sanding and throw some color on it... if the color settles well, then I'll go ahead and clear it and be ready to put the finishing touches in it...
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