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Originally Posted by Punk_rider View Post

You can name it the "supercharged Hello Kitty edition" if you want I don't care ... just bring the horses!
RIGHT?! Just don't call it a Mustang

Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post

oh sides hurt from that round of laughter!

Rumors stop?

When Donkeys fly!!!!!

(.......and Mustangs become real cars........)

(.....sorry - couldn't help myself with that last part......I'll go stand in the corner now.......
Shame on you!

Originally Posted by Beyond Limits View Post
I agree. I really don't see them stamping new panels for what would amount to a short run car (by short I mean total number of units sold as compared to the base models).
I'm thinking maybe it's a typo', but again, I'm not going to complain! If I could fit 335s under my 4th Gen, maybe GM can work it out here I remember at least one member who only runs 335s on the track though, so I suppose it's possible. I'm very eager to learn more. I just hope we dont' see something like the little quarter flares, like on Grand Sports. I don't think the tires can physically stick out of the openings, as another member posted, because then the tire would hit the quarter, no?... Besides - none of the videos shared here really seem to show a 335 tire to me
"...What IS true: We anticipated that this would happen - we are never finished - and yes, Ford DOES deserve to win now and then. To think that GM can come out with a car to make ford throw in the towel is simply foolhardy..." - fbodfather
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