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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
As I just mentioned in another post - everything --- every little detail - is scrutinized by the all my years, I've never seen such passion (other than perhaps the Corvette team) for the product. We are custodians of the brand and we take this responsibility very seriously.

I see the minute details that Al and the Engineering group work thru -- taking as much time as necessary - so that the car will be right and that it will be something you can be immeasurably proud of.

Many years ago - all manufacturers 'just assembled it' - and the result wasn't acceptable.

This is a thread that is going to be very visible - and so I say to you that no matter what the car is called -- some will love it - others will not. I'm just hopeful that once the car hits the streets, people will come together over whatever nameplate is used - and know that the Camaro Team put their everything into this great automobile.

One last thing: We are in the 21st century. CAFE for 2016 is 35.5mpg for the fleet - that includes Suburbans and Impalas and Silverados -- and the Administration in Washington is talking about raising CAFE to greater than 50mpg by 2021........ anyone thinking that there will be a high performance V8 for a very inexpensive price - is going to be disappointed.

That said: The Camaro is still a Chevrolet -meaning that it will give more value than expected.

Let the discussion continue!

Well for what it's worth all of the scrutiny has certainly paid off. One could easily argue that the 5th gen is one of, if not the nicest vehicle GM has ever manufactured, if not the nicest overall vehicle package available today.

Oh, and Cafe was much better when it referred to a small mom and pop restaurant rather than an irrational tree hugging misplaced ideal comprised of pixie sticks and fairy dust...
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