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Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
I understand that every aspect of the Camaro will be scrutinized very carefully by Team Camaro and GM. The Camaro is helping GM with their image and profitability. Every name change will be discussed at length for months. "Z28" is a very revered name not only among Chevy enthusiasts but also among car guys & gals everywhere, no matter what they drive. No matter what the final nameplate on the side of the car says, Z28 or Bat out of Hell, the car has a parking spot reserved for it in my garage, right next to the Vette. I hope they stay with the name Z28, I feel the car will be worthy to wear this very revered nameplate.
I'm not fortunate enough to have a 'Vette, but there's a spot in mine, too! For everything it seems, IMO, this car is definately worth Z28 status, if that's the way it goes.

Originally Posted by Beyond Limits View Post
Well for what it's worth all of the scrutiny has certainly paid off. One could easily argue that the 5th gen is one of, if not the nicest vehicle GM has ever manufactured, if not the nicest overall vehicle package available today.

Oh, and Cafe was much better when it referred to a small mom and pop restaurant rather than an irrational tree hugging misplaced ideal comprised of pixie sticks and fairy dust...

HEY!... I live amongst those bug eaters!!! They hated when I'd open the cutout and my LTs left a nice, straight shot for my LS1 to scream around the neighborhood. They didn't like the tiresmoke coming off the driveway either...
"...What IS true: We anticipated that this would happen - we are never finished - and yes, Ford DOES deserve to win now and then. To think that GM can come out with a car to make ford throw in the towel is simply foolhardy..." - fbodfather
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