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Originally Posted by Mr T View Post
Scott, I like very much the interior as is, but a little, tasteful brightwork would be cool, put the effort into increased performance. BTW I have a 1969 Z and I like how the new Camaro draws on it for interior cues...
+1! I, too, feel like this! I've ALWAYS wanted a '69 Z28, but too young to have gotten one (brand new, I mean) and always thought the 5th Gen is so much like it. I'd hate to see many of those cues they round-filed. But performance is what it is ALL about for me.

Originally Posted by stikSS View Post
Color matched seat inlays, ABL in the dash, different color guages....etc... would all be nice!
PERFECT! I really think we're going to see something along these lines, especially on the 45th Edition. It'd be nice to get some suede-type inserts for the seats, though, to grip the occupants, and just break-up the textures a little more. It'd be nice to get some customizable lighting, too, like the other car has.

But I always default to making sure the performance is there first.

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