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Originally Posted by Z4me View Post
Wahoo very first post on the boards, I have been reading the forums for the past month or two. Kinda waiting in the wings and gaithering as much info as possible to make the best choice on my new camaro. Thxs to all the reading I delayed getting the new 2011 SS model, for the convertable, then after reading about the new Z28
I'm going to wait till then. I'll be able to save up more money by then and get the car I really wanted and a full warrenty as well. I can't say enough to the Chevy team about making these camaro's (all styles) with the quality and passion being shown. As hard as it's going to be to wait, i would rather it take longer and have a well made car then a poorly concieved vehicle that was rushed into production.
I'm hoping that we can see some upgrades for the people that can afford it. I know the majority of the people on the boards here would like a Z for under 50k, but personally I would like a range between 50k and 60k. This could be my last real car and my wife said to me after riding honda accords for 15 years and raising two kids through college go for it!
I already told my chevy dealer last week to put me down for one LOL, he said hugh?
There making a newer version camaro soon, I said yup.

Last real car was a grand national so I'm ready.
I need to be patient now!

PS: My wife thinks your all obsessed and nuts but, she said it with a smile on her face. She's a keeper
Pretty much exactly this, minus the PS.

I want the HUD I had in my GTP back, and I want one of the most bad-ass cars you could drive to go with it.

By the time it's ready for the market, I'll be ready for it.
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