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Originally Posted by Tran View Post
As reported on HOMEPAGE.

Here are the confirmed details from the meeting:
As for the 2012 Camaro generally, the 45th anniversary edition (which we discussed here) will be for both coupe and convertible models. It will come in carbon flash color with all black interior and unique wheels.
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
This is a thread that is going to be very visible - and so I say to you that no matter what the car is called -- some will love the name - others will not.
Originally Posted by Milk 1027 View Post
What will it be called then?
Originally Posted by Mikes SS View Post
If not Z/28, then what.

Panther. The Camaro's pre-production name. Not likely.
Originally Posted by nester7929 View Post
What about the ZL-1? Not only does the name have heritage, but is also above the SS brand in terms of the hierarchy.

You know I wonder. At one time the Panther name that was almost the name for the Camaro was considered as a designation for the RPO Z-28 equipped Camaros as they weren't sure what to call them. It was only after their marketing guys had done some artwork making the Z/28 badge did they decided to go with that in mid '68 (early production '68 Z's did not have Z/28 emblems/badges).

ZL1 sort of make sense. That was for sure the BIG DOG of first gens. Also I imagine this new supercharged Camaro will have somewhat limited production like the original ZL1's, but not near as limited of course.

And those 45th anniversary "carbon flash color with all black interior and unique wheels", if those wheels are dark colored doesn't that just sound like a black panther waiting to pounce on and devour something like say a Mustang?!?!??!?
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