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hello friends, i decided to change my transmission fluid and differential fluid yesterday, i found several helpful post on this and i have linked them below, i also decided to make a couple of quick videos showing the drain and fill plugs locations, hope this helps


this video is of the differential plugs

transmission plugs, manual 6 speed

here is few pics also, the tall bottle is the differential fluid bottle, i 1st did the diff change, this took all of 15 min. very easy, the bottle fit in there just fine.
once done, i cleaned the bottle out and filled it with the trans fluid and used a clear hose about 6 inches, i was able to squeeze about half the bottle and then i would have to refill. now you can go get a pump for about $5-$10 from autozone but i was lazy. because i was lazy it took a little longer, about 30-40 min. oh, i had a small oil squirt can that i used at the end to make sure the transmission was topped off.

here are some links i found helpful

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