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Today I installed a Braille race battery. The Braille battery weighed 14 lbs 15.4 oz or essentially 15 lbs. It's also surprisingly small; especially compared to the factory battery. The factory battery weighed 44 lbs 7.2 oz. The Braille battery saves just shy of 30 lbs of weight compared to the factory battery.

Here's a shot of the Braille battery on the scale:
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Here's a shot of the factory battery on the scale:
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Here's a shot of the Braille battery standing up on top above the factory battery in the trunk so you can see a size comparison; the Braille is really small:
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Here's a shot of the Braille installed in the trunk. I used a 1.5" thick, 7" square piece of thick foam insulation underneath the Braille to lift it up so it would be able to be secured with the factory bracket clamp on the top which also has the long bolt that everything above it is secured with. I used the thick plastic piece that was on the left side of the factory battery which was used to clamp the battery to the floor of the trunk, and I put it on top of the Braille, under the top clamp so it would press the Braille down into the foam underneath for a solid, secure mount. The Braille is rock solid and does not move.
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I removed the factory-provided pump/tire sealant unit that is held in a foam holder that fits on top of the battery area. Since I had never looked under the trunk mat I didn't even know it was in there. I'm not going to use it since I would never inject sealant in my 3-piece forged rims. I have AAA; I'll call them if I have a flat. This unit weighs 5 lbs 2 oz.
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I also took the opportunity to remove the engine cover which weighs 4 lbs 9.4 oz.
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Making these changes removed just over 39 lbs of weight. That might not sound like a lot but believe me, when you try and lift the factory battery out of the trunk 44 lbs is heavy! Right now my car with a full tank weighs somewhere around 3750 lbs. My goal is 3700 lbs on the scale with a full tank of gas. I know I can save a little over 20 lbs with my next couple of mods and I'm sure I can find another 25-30 lbs to save elsewhere on the car.

A gallon of gas weighs 6 lbs so if I run half a tank, that saves about 50 lbs. If I hit my target of 3700 lbs full tank, then on half a tank I'll be at about 3650 lbs which is respectable.

My overall performance goal is a power to weight (P/W) ratio of 8 to 1. Thats figured on the basis of rear wheel horsepower (rwhp). A stock SS with manual trans which weighs 3860 and has approximately on average 360 rwhp, has a P/W ratio of 10.72-1. In order to have an 8-1 ratio on the stock weight of 3860, you'd have to have 482.5 rwhp. If I can get mine down to 3700 lbs I'll need 462.5 rwhp to achieve a P/W of 8-1. With everything I'm doing, and with long tube headers and high flow cats, 462.5 rwhp is doable without going forced induction.

However even if a stock car had the same P/W ratio it won't have near the same performance as a lighter car will. The moment you turn the wheel and have to do more than just floor it in a straight line, the lighter car will run away from the heavier one. I have a feeling I'm going to surprise a few guys with superchargers at C5fest2.

Oh, and after installing the Braille battery, the car started just fine and runs great.

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