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Holy crap. I can't believe I never posted last night. I typed up a big giant long post, and when I clicked submit, it froze up and I lost it all.

I then posted a simple explanation and the video, but I messeed up the embed AND posted it in Chris's name.

So, this morning we have to take the u-haul back and grab a bite....................... and drive...

I'll give a detailed account of it all in a bit but for now here's the video.

Numbers are lower than expected but the wheels are losing me about 25 HP. Good thing is that my wheels are accounted fo in our race. My crutch is that I'm about 80 hp down to GTA.

A leaky break booster hose was the culprit. No real way to tell. It didn't collapse til it had been running for 15 minutes or so when the hose heated up. The collapsing wasn't the problem, but it was allowing a seal to get in.

That was not the entire problem because in all of my troubleshooting, I played with it. But the car ran bettr enough to drive, I just didn't know it because still sounded similar and still smoked a bit.

Anyway, here's the video. Sorry bout the delay.

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