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Originally Posted by overhaulengines View Post
updated first post with this info

ok, there might be an easier way to get the blue leds, im sure there is, but if you look at the pics thats 2SSRS posted here the 3rd and 4th pic, this is the blue OEM led with resistor, i think they are bout $13.00 from gmparts house, you could cut the wire about 3 inches, then take the led and resistor and install them in a led holder like the ones from radio shack here and there you go,
now if you find the light only cheaper, i know there out there somewhere, then you can purchase a resistor and do it yourself. so next question is how do you choose a resistor. i found this info with a quick google, go here ... ok i hope all of this helps
If i may this one is better for finding the right resistor.
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