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[QUOTE=mondain;2767090]No one has NOT confirmed it wouldn't be called Z28. All we have is an internal codename of "HP". I guess to the non-engineering world that sounds important, but it isn't. When's the last time you fired up your install of Windows Chicago or Windows Longhorn?

I prefer Z/28 like most of the forums here have stated. However...

just like the Corvette changes over time with new meaning to each new name... I would really easily assimilate if if they would name the new HP Camaro (with the tandem drive train as the Corvette ZR1)

the All New, All Powerful, CAMARO ZR1. Wow!

Oh, and my Z Dog who rides "shotgun" would truly fill the role with a smile!
Sincere Thanks to City Chevrolet, Charlotte, NC
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