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I wanted to change the stock HID's to a whiter color; I don't like the dull yellowed look of the stock HID's. The stock bulbs produce a light at 4300k temperature color so I replaced the stock bulbs with 5000k temp bulbs which are crystal white right on the edge of blue.

I like the color change but there was a drop in lumens so they don't put out as much light as the stock ones do. It's not terrible but I noticed it. The stock bulbs are 35 watt so I'm looking into upgrading the setup to 55w but that will require changing the ballast too.

In the meantime here are a few pics to show the difference. Obviously they're much brighter than in the pics; I changed my camera settings so you could see the colors easier instead of just bright glare.

The first pic is the stock HID 4300k bulb:
Name:  IMG_0331.JPG
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The next is the 5000k bulb:
Name:  IMG_0330.JPG
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Here you can see both before I changed the driver's side; the 5000k bulb is on the left and the 4300k is on the right:
Name:  IMG_0329.JPG
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Makes for a nicer, "more alert" kind of look I think.

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