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Originally Posted by Namrepus28 View Post
That's C&D in a nutshell. Unless it's a BMW review, don't expect it to be 100% positive.
Nothing is 100% positive. Even when the first coupe reviews came out and everyone was gushing over it, the weight, blind spot, visibility and other complaints were still there.

I think the review was pretty fair. The negatives they pointed out were all objectively true - yes, it is harder to see out of than the run-of-the-mill teardrop-mobile; yes, there is a performance penalty due to extra weight; yes, it does use up more trunk space (although I never understood why golf bags were the gold standard). But they also give it a coupe nods for the suspension (as well as a favorable comparison to the Main Enemy, Ford), they like the lines it has with the top up. In spite of the BMW love affair, they didn't even contradict Chevy where the Camaro was compared to the 3-series. About the only stand-out negative opinion I saw was calling the steering "lifeless," but compared to some it may be - then again I don't spend my days on a slalom course so it doesn't matter much. About the only target of any real negativity was "Jersey Shore," and of course that's totally deserved.
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