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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Leak, leak ? The only leak here is pulling off the side of the highway to take a leak...

Don't pee off the highway here in CA, Bruce... The hippies don't want you leaking on Elderberry Beatles or something, lol.

It does not seem to be a problem when they are new. They seem to have a shorter fatigue life under stress. They can handle WAY more power, but it seems that longer term high stress and harmonics weaken them. I know that in the turbine boats we use chromoly too. This is just the 'ol <.02
I trust Chris completely for steering you in the right directions.

So - unless you're going to make a habit of replacing CF-composite components, they are less than desirable in the long-term, cost-wise? I believe chromoly is similar in that way, too, but at a much longer interval, no? Please set me straight
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