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Originally Posted by GetInTheCar View Post
Great video -- thanks for the post!

But am I the only one who *likes* the interior? It's clean, gets the job done, and isn't gimmicky. I don't need space age, that's not what the car is about. Keep it for the Cruze.
Originally Posted by Mcnamee View Post
Good video, but I really don't get why people bash on the interior, the design is amazing and why does it matter if the plastics are a bit harder then others, I don't know about you but I don't pet my dash every time I get in the car, it looks good, doesn't rattle or squeak, and I find it very easy to get at everything.
i'm with you!..looks great!
Originally Posted by ambientweather View Post
Ok, so the video was awesome but we are not BMW owners.

All of my neighbors drive bmws, Lexus and Mercedes (including my wife and teenage daughter).

I have a little white trash in me and proud of it and plan on blasting ac/dc with the top down.

If you want refinements in the interior, buy something else! No tourtese shell or silver dust in this interior.

My 2ss with all of the goodies was ordered 10 days ago. He told me 8 weeks. Not sure if i believe him because they can't give me a build date.

Next to getting married and having kids, I have never been more anxious. How did you guys and gals deal with the pain? Self induce coma?
it's an "event phsycological!"..can't drive it,.even if i had it! don't care right now!..too much snow,and cold!..not even thinkin' about it!..just sayin!
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