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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Here is some of the brand new stuff that was designed for the SST by Chris at GForce1320. The CNC part on the left is a 1 piece 35 spline 300m stub for the SST. On the right is a monster strong 31 spline that would be a great upgrade for any one here who wants to put some serious power to the pavement. Gotta love bulletproof pieces. Nice work Chris ! This was definitely worth the wait.
Originally Posted by GFORCE1320 View Post
Here is some video of the spline work and finish profiling we did on your stubs. It's cool to see YOUR parts being made, these bad boys will be in your car next week

AWESOMENESS!!! Almost too nice to go into a car (thats gonna get beat on) he he, dont stop the MADNESS!!!
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