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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
You can't go wrong with either company's products. Pfadt is a racing performance company; they design race products that CAN be used on the street; they are more expensive as a result. Pedders is a street performance company; they design street products that CAN be used on the track, and they are less expensive.

It depends on your plans for your car and what you are going to do with it. If you're going to drive 95%+ street and 5% or less track, Pedders is probably the better choice and allows you to buy more stuff because of their lower cost. If you're going to do more than 5% track; lots of autocross, road course type of driving then Pfadt would probably be best if your budget allows for it. But even if you went with Pedders your car would still probably be better than you are on the track unless you're really skilled.

You can mix the two; Pedders and Pfadt. I have Pedders bushings and Xa coilovers, and Pfadt sways and rear trailing arms, and I'm planning on adding their engine mounts soon. Both companies are top-notch and I dare say unless you're a top notch driver, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference in performance. They both make great products.
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