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Originally Posted by radz28 View Post
Post of the day!!! KUDOS!!!
Are you searching for inner peace and harmony on Camaro5? Read the There is no such thing. We are searching for world domination and will not be at peace until the earth is covered in PEDDERS RED!

All kidding aside, our Supercar coilovers are ideally suited for both daily driving and the track. The massive 52mm monotubes combined with huge remote reservoirs along with independent bound and rebound adjustment give the driver or crew incredible control over setup. There isn't a professional driver I have met that didn't want independent bound and rebound adjustment on thier race car. Here is what one hard core Pedders customer had to say.

Originally Posted by 600hp-lpe View Post
On the street, the XA's are a lot of fun. You can set the height where you want them. Playing with the dampening, hard/soft - 30 positions, is a bonus. Set them hard when you want to play. set them soft when you have a date.

The XA's are made for aggressive street driving. You would love them compared to the stock setup. They are like having really good sex, and leaving you extremely satisfied, wanting more of what they offer.

The supercar shocks are like having an orgy. They will please you to no end. You just can't get enough...
This is a frequent question among street users. Are Xa coilovers better for the street than Supercars.

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Hey now! If it wasn't for my thread, the signature would've probably never been made! I deserve sommmmme credit. haha

So basically would I notice the difference between the Xa's and Supercar's during aggressive street use (not track use)?
No you would feel it all the time. We found the ideal setup to be:

Supercar Track Damper Settings from Full Soft
Front Bound 18
Front Rebound 16
Rear Bound 23
Rear Rebound 16

I use these on the street and the track because I love how light and precise the 4183 pound 5th Gen feels. For daily driving with ridiculous comfort you can use these settings.

Front Bound 8
Front Rebound 6
Rear Bound 10
Rear Rebound 5

Set for the street, our clients report that the ride quality is better than OE. Dan has had both Xa and Supercar coilovers. I don't think that any of our clients that have had both would ever go back to Xas. That is difficult for me to write becuase the Xa coilovers are an excellant product that our clients love on thier 5th Gen, GTO, G8, HHR, Cobalt, G6, Solstice, Sky, mustang, challenger, charger, magnum and 300C.
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