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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post

I find that in most cases, it isn't GM that gets everyone hyped up. It's ourselves. And when we expect a certain thing based on 38 threads on it, the we are disapointed. But I'm not sure GM does that to us as much as we do it to ourselves.
Number 3,

In all due respect,

....Seeing the concept Camaro and the Transformers movie over, and over, and over, and over again waiting for the REAL thing was the ultimate car tease ever in the history of....well ever in the history of anything! As the "F" and "C" companies were putting out some cases two retro based models, us Chevy fans could only drool in anticipation. Again in all due respect, I would classify that as "disappointment"

....and while those same other companies put out Convertibles, "HEMI", BOSS 302's and "500" additions and key activated track modes; again us Camaro fans could still do nothing but drool… and again in all due respect, I would classify that as "disappointment" as well...

....having to see a cobalt Blue, Sublime Lime or Plumb Crazy rides out there with no Hugger Orange w/hounds tooth Camaros would also qualify as "disappointment".

Now please do not take this as negative, as I still love GM vehicles over all other brands....but, I must admit GM has disappointed us loyal customers.

So if GM does not want to Disappoint us customers tell us what's happening and what is planed, heck it makes no difference to the "F" and "C" companies they have all shown their cards.

Just saying;
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