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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
The Camaro SS in this thread is the culmination of years of research waiting for the release of both the Camaro SS and the Coyote Mustang so I could compare them head to head. Luckily this event roughly coincided with the expiration of my BMW lease.

My first thread on this:
Turned in my 335i Today

And then finally:
Turned in my 335i Today - Conclusion

The end of the quest:

In retrospect even though I chose the Camaro over the Mustang car against car, I think the trade in value i received for my WS6 would have led me to this very car anyway. This dealer gave me $4,000 more for my cherry LT1 WS6 than anyone else.

I named this thread "Batmobile" after my first trip into Philadelphia. I was sitting at a light at 16th and Market and a man waiting to cross the street with his very young son said to him "Look, there is the Batmobile" pointing to my car. I quickly left the light so as not to disappoint the boy. Sadly, the driver was no Batman.

In my next post I will lay out my goals for the Batmobile.
Nice color , bur mine is [BLACKER] than your's . NICELY DONE
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