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Originally Posted by khabboub View Post
how long did the install take? and did you do it?
i've installed everything myself. the install seemed to take longer than it should have. mostly due to the location of the bolts, they are a b!#@* to get to. removing the old system was where most of my time was consumed. the new bolts that come with the LT's are a lot easier to install, but i think part of that is just because it is easier to work around them. i had to use crows foot to get the bolts for the manifold/cat connection. the fact that i was doing it on ramps instead of a lift might have added a little more time too. so to answer your question...6 hrs.

having an extra set of hands to help when it's time to bolt on the new LT's and gaskets would have been nice too. when i put my O2 sensors back in, i swapped the rear ones on accident. caused an issue when it came time to connect them as the cables are NOT the same length. the driver side is longer, so make sure you put em back on the correct side.

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