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Originally Posted by thePill View Post
I heard GM started the new Zeta in May 2009 and if GM is putting money into the platform to improve it then anything is possible. As long as the platform work is done and proven to work it would take long to build a whole different car on top of it. It took Steve Saleen 45 days to build Bumblebee from the ground up in 2009 and he used the Sigma I believe. I don't think it would have scored a 5 star crash test rating but it can be done...
Zeta has been around since before the G8 came to this shore. They modified portions of that platform to specifically underpin the Camaro (an anticipated high-volume, high-profile vehicle) and called it "Zeta II" during the cars development through 2007-2009.

Don't let the paper stats fool you. GM gave him a fiberglass concept shell...he bolted it up, hacked the interior together to serve as a movie prop and slapped his name on it...
(And it was a GTO)

I've gotta agree with Fenwick though, if they've got an inkling to bring a NEW....not a rebadged Commodore...RWD sedan to market, it will take the better part of two years. Of course...release date it dependant on when they decided to start development...IF they want to do it....and IF it's a brand new vehicle...
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