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Originally Posted by bmbbl be View Post
can someone explain the difference between the two other than the price

The manufacturers and distributors have posted lots of good information on the two coilovers in this thread and it seems you have narrowed down your choice to the two best designs currently available IMHO. I had done my own research a year ago and considered the three P's as well (Pfadt, Pedders, Penske). I ended up choosing Pfadt for the following reasons (Penske was still prototyping theirs):

1. I wanted to spend my hard-earned money on a US-owned company. Although Pfadt sourced their shocks from Sachs Race Engineering in Germany from Pfadt's design and specifications, all engineering development and testing are done by US engineers in UT. Other suspension components such as swaybars, endlinks, camber plates are all designed and produced in the US. This is important to me but I realize it may not be a high priority for others.

2. I wanted a wider selection of springs as I add other modifications to my Camaro (e.g. adding a supercharger down the road may require increasing the front spring rate slightly). Only Pfadt offers the ability to use standard race springs; other manufacturers use custom springs to match the factory spring seats.

3. I wanted some shock adjustability but wanted to keep the adjustment simple as I cannot afford to spend days at the track to fine tune the suspension. Pfadt coilovers offer 20 clicks of combined compression and rebound adjustment. Other designs offer separate compression and rebound adjustments which are great for a race car (and racing program budget ). Let's say for argument sake, there are 15 independent adjustments for compression and rebound. That's a potential 225 combination of adjustments to be considered and tested if you're looking for absolute best set up for each particular track. I think this amount of adjustments is superfluous on daily drivers.

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