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Originally Posted by hapisok View Post
maybe a little bit

do you have any vids with yours at higher RPM's? curious to hear the difference throughout the whole range. you gonna get yours on a dyno anytime soon? im trying to get mine on one next week. can't wait to see what kind of numbers are being thrown down...
At the moment I only have the soundclips. I first recorded some clips with my HD cam but the sound quality just wasn't good enough (didn't catch most of the lower tones). So I decided to record the sound via iPhone voice recorder. Soundquality was way better.
But after watching all your clips I definately need to step my game up and do some HD videoclips as well .

As for the dyno I did a before and after dyno in the same week to catch the gains as exact as possible. There are some nice gains! But I cant post them on here because I'm planing to get a tune (no, not trifeca) and would like to wait for the final numbers.
But I'll keep you posted.
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