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Originally Posted by SUX2BU View Post
Noticed you were looking at different wheels threads. I think you should keep your wheels, lower it an inch and throw some 275/45 18 tires on there. They are only 0.9" shorter so your speedo won't be that much off. Only 1.8 mph faster at 60 mph.
Or go for broke, lower it 1.4" and throw some 285/40 18 tires on there. They would be 1.6" shorter, so your speedo would be 3.4 mph faster at 60 mph. Still not a big deal if you can't correct the computer. That's the direction I'm going with mine.
Yeah, I'm hoping to see the wheels on Dangeruss's car since it's a similar design wheel and his car is lowered. I'm definitely going to lower it an inch, and have been thinking about going with Nitto 555 in 285/40. Since it's my DD and I've already put alot of miles on the car, I'd like to be able to recalibrate the speedo; but as far as I know there isn't a way to recalibrate or tune the V6's.
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