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Looking for MRT 2.0 Exhaust for V6 in Indy Area!

Hey guys,

Taking my Camaro out of the garage after it's been sitting for the last 3 months, and decided on getting the MRT 2.0 exhaust for my V6 automatic.

I haven't bought anything yet, but from the MRT website I can get it for around $480 and then would need it installed.

I know there are a couple shops around Indy that has done work on the 2010+ camaros but can't remember any of them.

Can anybody help me out on where I can get the best price/quality work for the installation? And if I should just buy it off the MRT website or if their is a vendor that can give me a solid product/install combo price?

Also, I'm relatively inexperienced with exhaust systems, so bare with me here - but would I need anything else to buy or is the simple exhaust system efficient enough?

Thanks for the help guys
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