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Originally Posted by skittleoncrack View Post
I'm seriously thinking of putting nitrous on my 2010 SS (m6/ls3) but I'm curious as to how much I should be spraying. what supportin modifications i might need and how I'm supposed to tune it.
I have CAI and minor exhaust work. I also know that the LS7 fuel injectors that I have stock should be able to handle a decent load.
I'm good at tuning with a DST (DiabloSport Trinity) but I'm used to tuning turbo'ed applications. Never turned for nitrous before. I assume I will need to move on to another tuning system..
First step would be to decide if you want to do a dry or wet shot.

There are quite a few people hitting their stock bottom ends with 200 shots... i think orange chevy even hit his with a 250. a 150 shot would be very safe.
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