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I ordered a PDIM module kit (20940641) to add to my 2010 1SS from Allen @ Tonkin Chevrolet. This was after the inventory stock was to have been cleared of the original PDIMs (bad ones).

This PDIM kit contained the "somewhat older" part number of 20927509 (for 2010 Camaros as noted in other threads) but I was assured that it was a "newer" PDIM module based on the numerous phone calls that Allen made to verify with his various GM part supply people he works with regularly.

I installed the PDIM kit and on 2/7/11 I had it activated. I have a PDIM with DA/DX. Since I don't have "HW ID" of "C..." it appears I do have an updated PDIM module.

I tested it with my iPhone 3G (iOS 3.1.2 - I'm not running iOS 4.x on my 3G - too many problems on a 3G) and it seems to play music just fine without re-indexing at each startup and it picks up right where it left off. I was going to test audio streaming via bluetooth, but I've since found out my iPhone 3G does not support A2DP bluetooth streaming so I can't test that right now.
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