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Looking forward to the Z28 if it happens. My ideas on the Z28.

The Z28 does not need a ton more HP.
  • 450 HP at the crank would be fine
  • Offer a V6 version too
  • Add tighter bushings, beefier adjustable sways and links
  • Lighten it up where possible, but don't go crazy, keep the costs down
  • Use lightweight 19" wheels and tires, same size all around
  • Add ZL-1 brakes and front brake scoop
  • Offer real cloth sport seats
  • Start with the 1SS/1LT level, offer only 1SS/LT options
  • Add some unique Z28 graphics, don't go for subtle
  • Add some race level Z28 parts, work with existing vendors, but offer factory engineering support
  • Keep the V8 starting price right around a loaded 2SS/RS, $37,500.
  • Do not make production limited
  • Start a race series where Mustangs, Camaros, Hyundais, and Challengers can face off
  • Offer the race to RWD V6 Turbo (limited boost) and V8s

Edit: Chevy is doing this, but a high perf V6 will come later and no mention of a race series (yet).

I am going to mod and enjoy my SS now and not worry about the future.
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