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Originally Posted by Angella View Post
SOOOO im in the same boat with you! i want to know what is going on! i got my VIN on the 19th of January and its been sitting in status 4B00 since January 31.... its now february 14th! What is going on? is there a secret release date for this that NO one is aware of? its getting kinda frustrating now...
Trade ya'!!!! At least your ready to ship! Im stuck in quality control, which can't possibly be a good thing... either A)- cars fine but they're beating the hell out of it to see if it holds up or B)- There's something wrong w it and they're trying to fix it... either way, im not thrilled with the current situation. Hopin I move to the 4000s Monday..
I really don't want a beat down or refurbished new car!
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