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Originally Posted by 350 HRSS View Post
This scares me to pieces. My dealer was like, "We don't have an invoice for this car, and we can't understand why." I told them about people on C5 having the same issues. Weird.

Has anyone taken delivery of a car yet? I wonder how long we will be sitting in the waiting line.....strange.

This thread has comforted me somewhat....

I also noticed the VINs are weird. They don't look sequenced. I am not sure how to 'decifer' the last couple of numbers. Anyone else?
Best I can cypher is that Calloway Chris has the earliest build of 1/18. A few more between me and him, then a couple of us at 1/27 build.
No one has reported anything beyond 4B00, so Chris has been sitting for 4 weeks now, why we don't know
It would be nice if GM would let us know what is going on. I'm guessing they want to build an inventory, then cover the country with over 200 verts on the same day.
I WAS fully prepared for a March 15-April 1 delivery, but seeing it sit at ready to ship has me checking the GMConnects website at least 4 times every day, the first one at 5:00 am since I can't sleep any more.

somebody tell us WTF is going on please.
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