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At the risk of being unpopular here amongst Camaro faithful how about GM comes out with a new Zeta vehicle every six months to try to capture a new segment of the market instead of going after the already captive Camaro owners they have? GM seriously can't think tape and sticker packages every 6 months are going to boost sales considerably? (I'm not counting the ZL1 here or a future Z28 either). Why not go after a new market or with some new Zeta platform options.

Sedan, Ute, Wagon, 2+2 coupe (bigger than a Camaro, think usuable back seat) an AWD Zeta either 2 or 4 door.

I know this will probably seem unpopular, but Camaro doesn't deserve the tape and sticker treatment. COPO, Yenko, Fred Gibb and all those heritage special editions will just seem like GM grasping at straws. A good Z28 coming up and keep the Camaro fresh with new colors, wheel options, interior upgrades and maybe some new GMPP stuff is all that seems necessary. OK, I'm off my soapbox.
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