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Originally Posted by FastEddie View Post
I liked the ZL1 better but changed my vote to just to disagree with radz28 :P
See how you are

Originally Posted by SS-screamer View Post
Which one is lighter?
Being the ZL1 wheels are forged, they're lighter than comparable cast wheels, however, since I don't know if the Z06 wheels are forged, I can't comment. Even if they were cast, because the Z06 wheels look less bulky, I think they'd be a little lighter. Regardless - I'd be willing to be the forged ZL1 wheels are stronger.

Originally Posted by ZKyle View Post
I like the look of the SSX wheels on the ZL1 more than those.
I still like them, too. That would have been a nice addition to the poll options.

Originally Posted by Shurenuff View Post

Although I voted for the LS7 wheels because I like the brushed finish better and they seem just as detailed but less bulky looking that the ZL1 wheels.
Thanks for pointing out the bulky-look. I couldn't quite place it, but after you mentioned it, you're totally right
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