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Question Trade 625hp for 550hp ZL1?

Yep!!! That's a no brainer.

I got my 2010 2SS/RS loaded with all the options, sans the 21" wheels, and found that my 426hp was slower than my 588lb lighter 375hp 2001 Vette. So I fixed that with installing the TVS2300 maggie, Hurst shifter, American Racing Headers, Noweeds exhaust cutouts to stock muffler, Cold Air Inductions CAI, and fine tuned it all with Jannetty Racing's tuning.

I call it a sleeper because it looks and sounds completely stock if I want it to.

The 2010 SS is a great platform to modify and enjoy the hidden potential that is waiting to be freed.

The 2012 ZL1 has so many improvements to the "Bones" of the car that the bang for the buck$ can't be added to an "older" 2010 or 2011 model in add ons to merrit not buying one. In other words, You can't build one and get the same performance or options that Chevy has included into the base guts of this magnificant machine.

This is a much better platform to modify than the 2010, 2011. It already has twin disc clutch, heavier duty drivetrain all the way to the variable magnetic shocks and lighter wheels, a factory 1900 supercharger, dual power seats, etc.. the list goes on and on and includes a warranty.

I may not modify it right away as Chevy has done their homework and I think they have it tuned to put the power the pavement better than mine. Yes I have more power but I am still running the stock suspension and hooking up is not as effective as their ZL1 is,I am sure.

I was going to add either Pedders or Pfadts best suspension system but I decided not to now because of the ZL1. I do want to try and find the ZL1 rims and tires and replace mine with those if possible.

The ZL1 changes everything. And that is good. It just keeps getting better and we get the chance to own one.

We get a chance to own one of the best made and best bang for the buck hotrods ever, and if not satisfied, we can swap a pulley and increase its hidden potential anytime we feel like it.

God I Love this country.:flag2:

Thanks, The Naz

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