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Originally Posted by SSLarry View Post
Lemmie guess.. you already put down your deposit. Ok, you win.

They say the roof is better looking than the coupe?? Really? IMO, only with the top down does the vert look better. They say the coupe roof wraps away from the fenders too much (leaving a larger rear deck). I think that is best aspect of the coupe. It makes the rear fenders look even more pronounced for the 3/4 view. ... as Bond posted.
No, no deposit. All I'm saying is that this is a truly accurate review of the convertible.

Now if you don't like convertibles and many on this site don't hestitate to claim so, then I can see why you would "take offense". If you even remotely enjoy convertible and I mean even remotely this is a good review.

But I am really puzzled. This is a variant of the Camaro thus it IS a Camaro. So when it gets a glowing review why would anyone jump on it? So it isn't a win/lose, it's more of a why on earth would you dissagree with a positive review of the car we all come on here to talk about.
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