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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
No, no deposit. All I'm saying is that this is a truly accurate review of the convertible.

Now if you don't like convertibles and many on this site don't hestitate to claim so, then I can see why you would "take offense". If you even remotely enjoy convertible and I mean even remotely this is a good review.

But I am really puzzled. This is a variant of the Camaro thus it IS a Camaro. So when it gets a glowing review why would anyone jump on it? So it isn't a win/lose, it's more of a why on earth would you dissagree with a positive review of the car we all come on here to talk about.
It a glowing review only in the context of a crappy coupe review. But yes, for MotorTrend is wasn't a scathing review, so I guess that's a good thing. My only comment was comparing the couple with the vert with the top up. With the top down, I think it looks better than the coupe.

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