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Originally Posted by porcupinekiller View Post
The F1's on the 2010 GT500 and the standard 2011 GT500 are rock hard hockey puck rubber. I replaced mine with Hankook evo V12's (in the stock sizes) and that was a HUGE upgrade, straight line traction and cornering grip both improved dramatically.
The 2011 GT500's with the SVT-PP have the much better F1 G2 tires. But they are still pretty hard and weak for straight line traction.
I heard the Goodyear F1 and F1 G2 require preheating or just some hot laps before usage... The Motor Trend tester Randy Pobst commented on that as well. When they are cold they are no good.

I hear Michelin PS2's and Pirelli P Zero's are the best non-comp performance tire right now but cost a good bit...
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