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Wiring behind instrument cluster

Now that the instrument cluster is removed, youíll see behind there some wires that are basically taped up in this gooey black type of electrical tape.

Here is where it is different for some of us. Again, I have a 2010 that is less than VIN A9160000 so I am also prewired behind the instrument cluster for it. If not, you will have to take a look at Oferís thread (2SSRS) referenced about to t-tap for power to your LEDís. Ofer also makes a harness to tap into the 4 pack gauge area to get power from for the LEDís as well. See Oferís thread or PM him for assistance with getting power to your LEDís. It is referenced several times in his thread.

With that said, I could see behind my instrument cluster, and feel, that the connector was right on top of the harness, taped up. I have pointed to it with my trim removal tool.

So I cut very carefully along the tape to remove the connector. Be extremely careful doing this so that you donít cut any wires in there. I cut along the plastic body of the connector with a dull knife and removed it carefully. Then I taped it back up. As you can see in the photo below, the connector is now exposed (circled in red).

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