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Smile Installing light pipe

So now you have both LEDís installed and working with the vinyl tubing on the passenger side. Now it is time to work on the light pipe. I had my wife help me hold the tape measure and I measured 34Ē from the left passenger LED to the right passenger LED. I then measured 34Ē on the light pipe and cut it with a dremel. I then installed the light pipe to the LEDís, by pushing it into the vinyl tubing on the LED (remember). Now the LEDís will shine down the light pipe and you will see it all the way across. In the photo below, I turned the reflective strip towards me to take the photo of the whole light pipe lit up.

Now, I did not sand my panels so I wonít push the panel all the way back in. To get the light to reflect on the dash you need to turn the reflective strip to shine up and out behind the trim panel. If you do not do this, the light will not shine up behind it. Youíll find that the back of the white reflective strip will be pointed towards the engine. I then pushed my trim panel back on about 3/4 of the way. This allows the light to shine up behind it and onto the dash. It only sticks out 2-3 mm and does not look out of place, etc. You will probably have to put back on and remove the trim panel a couple of times to get the reflective strip to point in the right direction.

Iíll give you some words of caution. When you turn the light tube to point the reflective strip in another direction, etc., hold the vinyl tubing with your finger and clinch tight. If you donít, when you twist the light tube, since the vinyl tubing is connected to the LED, it will eventually break off the LED. I broke two LEDís doing this. Again, make sure you hold the vinyl tubing from twisting while youíre twisting the light pipe.
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