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Smile Left side installation

I didnít take any photos for the left side, but for the left side youíre going to repeat the process.

Youíre going to remove the LED from the LED housing.
Youíre going to fish it through the hole behind the trim.
Then you tape off each wire separately, again so that they do not touch.

Cut another piece of vinyl tubing 1/2 to an inch long.
Put it over the LED and tape the vinyl tubing to the LED.
Plug in the LED to the left connector (If you have the right VIN remember?) or use a t-tap connector.

Measure and cut the remaining light pipe again.
I measured 4 inches, but after playing around with it a couple of times and trimming it, I ended up around 3 1/2 inches long.

Youíll find using this method, without drilling, that the left side trim panel sticks out a tad further than the right side. This is because the light pipe is not bent.

Ofer states that you can heat up the light pipe and bend it, but you have to make sure that you mark it properly for the white reflective strip to shine properly or it will be bent wrong.

I have not heated up the light pipe and bent it yet. Iím still thinking of what Iíd like to do with it.
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