Thread: LS3 vs L99?
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A shorter Valve Duration will reduce the peak RPMs at wich you reach Peak HP. Also if the Valve lift is less then less HP at the given RPM peak will be realized. Short Lobe Centers usually create quicker HP and TQ curvers. Where a longer Lobe Seperation usually increase the length og the HP and TQ Curves.

So the Auto with AFM and VVT uses the smaller cam to better manage the fuel consumption and there by reducing the power levels and making the peak RPM range lower. However the TQ curve will start at a lower RPM and reach is peak quicker. So the Auto car will basically show simular performance as the manual tranny car and the gearing in the Auto is usually lower per gear than a manual making the Torque multiplication effectivally higher per gear.

This made more sense inmy mind I am sure than it does in print. So take it with a large grain of salt if it confuses you more. I was havig a hard time trying to make something technical make sense in lehmans terms. I am not necessarily that good at.
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