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Originally Posted by CRChevy View Post
IT IS. My family member has a Camaro SS and i'm sure if I asked him if he knows he has a reverse mowhawk on his roof he will say huh??? I would think the same with ALL camaro drivers who don't browse this forum.

If you don't like the Sunroof that's cool but don't say it's because you LOVE the reverse mohawk that doesn't make sense no one knows you have them lol

I'll agree that nobody would call it, refer to it, or know what you meant if you refered to it, as 'reverse mohawk' but I GAURANTEE you they noticed the roof. I suppose you may have a few owners out there who never wash their cars, aren't tall enough to see the roof, or crawl up to their car and stay low before they get in.

I know differing opinion can hurt peoples feelings a bit, but let's be real here. An owner of a 5th Gen Camaro knows every inch of their car. What are the chances a typical 5th Gen coupe owner says, "OMG, I never noticed that indent there"?

And all those coupes ordered were just, what? People who didn't know what a sunroof is? So why all the coupe owners? I'm thinking that more people like the roof and notice it than you think.
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