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Originally Posted by camarco View Post
hello all,

i just had the dash abl installed and all the way around the door these are the pics i have of the abl, forgive the picture quality as it has been a long time since i used a camera first are the abl then i have included the door sills that from Emblempros

i will try to get better pictures posted soon

Attachment 208924

Attachment 208925

Attachment 208926
Attachment 208927
Attachment 208928
What total does the 1960 include?

“Synergy Edition” Camaro Build Counts
RPO GHS - 2010 Model Year

All cars are 1LT trim level.

U.S. Total: 2215

GHS and MN6 Manual Transmission: 403

GHS and MX0 Automatic Transmission: 1812

Non-U.S. Total: 210

GHS and MN6 Manual Transmission: 62

GHS and MX0 Automatic Transmission: 148

Global Total: 2425
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