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Originally Posted by SpecialEd View Post
Make it a surprise, don't tell me. That would be cool.
Okay, I'll grab it in the AM. It's a digital clock and yes, it works.

Originally Posted by 376TT View Post
WOW!!!! What a difference!! Great job!! Do you have any other visions for garages?
Yeah, but I need a piece of land with a good-sized barn on it. It would be the mother of all garages.

Originally Posted by Silver2SSRS6spd View Post
The garage looks great, I see your hubby still doesn't get to park his rides inside.
Sssssh! I've been listening to 'hints' all weekend!

Originally Posted by camaroitalia View Post
idk why but to me it looks like your door moved lol
Oops, forgot to add my disclosure: no walls were harmed in this process.

Originally Posted by GbrilliantQ View Post
...I need a larger garage. Barely fit just my Camaro. Can't even open the doors all the way.
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